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Bold sisterhood was given to me through a dream, and prayer. The goal is to help as many out of control teen or high risk girls as possible. This non-profit organization will help assist in schooling, development, help push them, hold them accountable, and overall a support system, and much more.


The purpose behind this is what I went through at a early age. My Parents did the best they could to raise me the right way, but I still chose to live a fast lifestyle. I went through so much in the streets, and if I had someone to look up to at a early age some of the things may have been prevented. I do understand that everything happens for a reason and I have no regrets. I am aiming for a change. Many teens that act out normally act out from rejection and abandonment. Majority of them be the smartest child with a good heart. They just dont know how to control their anger. If you know someone that struggles with their Beautiful Outspoken Doll please refer them to me. 


Depending on the location we will have in person meet ups, or over the phone accountability. At the end of the program each teen will receive a certificate of completion and have a group graduation. We will have field trips, and they will have on site training with whatever passion they have.

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